Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Back!

I made a random visit to last week to see whether the status of the domain name had changed (my constant readers will recall that the truly despicable people at acquired my domain name a few years ago under less than admirable circumstances).

I was overjoyed to find that the domain had expired, and was up for grabs!  So I bought it--again!  And as quick as that, is back in business! 

I am happier than you can imagine.  Yeah; I'll have to build my readership up again--but I'm not worried about that!  There have to be a few truly strange folks out there who, for some unknown reason, enjoy hearing my admittedly strange perspective on things; you'll find me, I'm sure!

So, read on!

1 comment:

SheGazelle said...

Crazy...I hadn't been by here in eons, and for some reason stopped by today and found you are among the living still!