Thursday, April 9, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton Is A Jerk

Don't believe me? Watch this video. I'm not a fan of his fusion of "British Invasion meets hillbilly" music, so I wouldn't listen to his music if the Boxmakers were the last band on earth, but I'm not even going to check them out now. And I'm certainly not going to watch any Billy Bob movies.

The guy is a creep.

You'll have to watch the video to know what I mean, but it's absurd to think that some new band in some alt-indie genre has made it big in only a year based solely on the quality and appeal of their music--particularly if their front man is an Academy award winning movie star.

The ONLY reason they've sold enough albums to even buy groceries is because they've got Thornton up front. And for him to so arrogantly insist that their musical success has nothing to do with his movie career and, further, that his interviewer NOT EVEN MENTION HIS MOVIE CAREER is head-in-the-clouds idiocy.

He needs to be brought back down to earth.

Watch it and see if you agree...

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bulletproofcourier said...

Agree! This dickhead should be drummed out of show business entirely.