Saturday, January 24, 2009

Economic Stimulus...Because I Said So (Shut Up if You Don't Like It).

White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, said yesterday while discussing President Obama's $1 Trillion economic stimulus package with reporters, that, "there was a lot of agreement in that room about the notion that we're facing an economic crisis unlike we've seen in quite some time...that we must act quickly to stimulate the economy, create jobs, put money back into people's pockets."

He was referring to a meeting that Obama held with key Congressional leaders to discuss the package. Obama is reported to have said, during a verbal interaction with a Republican Congressman who raised some questions about the amount of spending, "I won; I will trump you on that."

He WILL have his way, folks.

Last I checked, he's a representative of you and me, and the American public. As is that Republican Congressman (who was shut down by Obama).

Further, their program does very little to "put money back into people's pockets." Rather, it takes $1 Trillion, and puts it into SOMEBODY ELSE'S pockets.

That's not economic stimulus.


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