Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Pics

We had family photos taken last Saturday. They turned out excellent! We haven't seen them all, but we got a sneak peak on our photographer's blog, B. Artistic Photography, and we're VERY happy with what we've seen so far!

I snuck one of the pictures over here (I hope she doesn't get mad!).

Hop over and take a look. And if you live in California, I HIGHLY recommend B. Artistic!

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The Weidners said...

Awesome Pics guys!! And thats what Im talking about PJ. The great philosipher said it best when he penned the words "Pictures enhance a blog like ketchup is to a dill pickle." Dont really know how those two go together but...Love the one with you guys all jumping. Remember Pj, the more the pictures the better the blog. Love you guys
Nate and Lyn