Monday, January 14, 2008

Booker Babies

Hop on over to "Life At The Booker Household" and extend your congratulations to Katie and Phillip. They're going to have another baby!

For those who don't recall, Katie was a classmate of mine in high school. We were friends for a while, but towards the end of my high school career, we spent some time on the Student Council together; that time strained our friendship. The vice-president and I carried the entire weight of the council's overwhelming responsibilities on our shoulders, while Katie and her student council co-hort (Brooke), spent their days visiting ballrooms and tasting pastries (for our end-of-year formal), buying chocolate-chocolate chip muffins at Costco (for the snack bar), and having girl's sleepovers (with their gaggle of giggling female followers).

She was, though, a lovely young lady, as you can tell from the pictures below:

At any rate, stop over and say congratulations!

OH! By the way-I've figured out the kiss (if you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll down a bit once you get to her blog. There's a picture there of Phillip planting a suspiciously terror-free kiss on Katie's lips). I was befuddled on first seeing this, as Phillip actually seems to be enjoying this, but I think I've figured it out: the look is one of relief (as in, "Man! She FINALLY stopped talking!").

I'm, of course, kidding about all of this! Katie is one of my truest, long-term friends still around from those days, and Shawna and I are truly happy for both her and Phillip!

Congratulations you guys! And thank you SO MUCH for joining us this Christmas! We LOVED having you! We'll do it again next year (if we didn't scare Phillip off with those kisses)!

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Katie Booker said...

I am so honored to have a special post on Myndfood!

We had a blast at your party!! The kisses just made it all the more fun!!!

As far as being one of the truest, long-term friends still around from those days I'm touched!

And eventually you will learn the TRUE work that Brooke and I did...without us you guys wouldn't have had your Dr. Peppers and Chocolate-Chocolate chip muffins..which you and AJ BOTH loved!!!!